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  We supplier quality neck lanyards, custom printed lanyard, ID badge lanyards, name card lanyard.
  Neck Lanyard with various design and materials. (custom, printed, blank, logo, retractable and round.)

  Product Description:

Material : Polyster / Nylon / woven / silk ribbon.
  Color : any transparent color of plastic is available.
  Accessories : PVC strap / swivel J-Hook / key ring.
  Back : slide clip, nickel plated.

Neck Lanyard - LY-01

Neck Lanyards - LY-02

Neck Lanyards - LY-03

Neck Lanyards - LY-04

Neck Lanyards - LY-05

Neck Lanyards - LY-06

Neck Lanyards - LY-07

Neck Lanyards - LY-08

Neck Lanyards - LY-09

Neck Lanyards - LY-10
Retractor Neck Lanyards
Retractor Neck Lanyards - LY-11
Retractable Neck Lanyards
Retractable Neck Lanyards - LY-12
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